Thursday, 19 January 2012

More classroom friendly apps

After more research and networking with other teachers, I have found a few more apps that I would like to recommend....

list #2
Mini TFO (l’office des telecomm…)

a great app that was created by a television show (?) in Quebec
it includes games and questions similar to the television show
excellent oral French
Ace kids math HD lite
English app
almost no language on the page only numbers
Kids find and learn
downloads based on the language of the iPad so please change it to French for this
Our story (iPhone app) by the Open University
a great app for taking pictures and then creating a story
Devine qui vient jouer
also created by the television show in Quebec? lot’s of neat games with some very good oral French

My story-story creator for kids
Love this app! An excellent way for students to draw pictures, add words and even record the oral
Numerate-count, add and subtract
English app but students can turn the sound off and it demonstrates adding and subtracting in a simple form
Stella and Sam story pack
Very cute but there is not print it is simply a movie

Cute but simple vocabulary 
La souris qui voulait manger un chat


French book