Friday, 19 April 2013

MoMa Art Lab and Kidblog

 I have not posted for a long long time.....sorry.

For the last few months my students have been using Kidblog. They each have their own blog on our class blog. Everytime we use the iPads to create something they post it to their blog on kidblog. Parents, grandparents and friends can view the blogs and leave comments. The best part about kidblog is I as the teacher have all the control. Every post and every comment must be approved by me before it can be viewed. Kidblog is such an easy blogging site that my grade ones can use it independently!

Today we used the MoMa Art lab app to have some creative time. It was the first time I had used this app with my whole class. I put the music on and allowed students to make a picture of their choice using this app. During the lesson, we stopped a few times to do a gallery walk and see what classmates were creating. I also asked students to mirror to the screen at the front to show others what they were doing while everyone was working.

Once complete, students saved the picture to the camera roll and emailed it to my Evernote and then posted on their blog. You can check out the blog to see examples of the picture students created.