Thursday, 8 November 2012

Working with ten frames and Doodle Buddy

Today we used our iPads to work with ten frames. We are learning how to use this graphic organizer to help us count and have a quick idea of 'how many' we can see.

Students took a photo of the ten frame graphic organizer and then opened it in Doodle Buddy. Then they worked in groups of two to represent different numbers from 1-12. They used the stamps to quickly show the number to their partner.

It was simply another way to work with the iPad. Students have math bags in their desks that include a ten frame and counters. However, I wanted to show the students another way that the iPad can be used as a tool for learning. The iPad won't replace manipulatives, but it is another fun way to be 'hands on' with the concept (and they love to laugh at the sounds the stamps make-any lesson with laughter is one that they will remember!).