Thursday, 5 April 2012

Creation apps

For many of you this is not a new idea...creation apps are some of the most effective apps to use in the classroom. I personally am not a big fan of what I call the 'drill and test' apps. They remind me of teachers who stand and deliver and use sheets to do the teaching. No, I like the apps that are really just tools that students are able to use to demonstrate their learning. Don't get me wrong, I do like many other apps, but I love the ones that students use to make something. In addition, I think there is amazing student learning going on as they interact with the iPads and work together cooperatively to create something. The rich use of the French language around the iPads is also wonderful to hear.

Here is a list of my favourite creation apps for my primary students:

Sock Puppets
My Story - Book Maker for Kids
Puppet Pals HD
Doodle Buddy
Strip Designer