Thursday, 24 May 2012

Number stories and Show Me

I used Twitter last night and my PLN (personal learning network) and asked for some ideas of how to use the iPads to create number stories. I love using the iPads as a tool for learning. I only have 6 for my class of 24 so I therefore need to get creative and always think cooperatively. My PLN rewarded me (thanks ‏@LirenmanLearns and @nikileech) with some great ideas including ;
  1. using the video or photo function to walk around the classroom and find items that represent different shapes
  2. creating number stories with manipulatives and then videotaping them
  3. use the Draw and Tell app to animate addition and subtraction problems using the stickers 
  4. use Screen Chomp to draw and tell number stories
I decided that the students were going to create number stories using the Show Me app. This app allows students to take photos, use existing photos, use photos online, or to draw. Students can then record their voices sharing the number story and solving the problem. Show Me also has an online learning community where other Show Me videos can be shared and viewed.

Once students completed their Show Mes we viewed them using our projector. We gave the presentations some feedback for next time. It was a great learning experience for all with a lot of success and some failures to learn from for next time :)
We had a few challenges. When students made a mistake with their recording we could not find a way to start again. We had to erase and start from scratch? There must be a better way....? I would love any feedback you can give me. There was a lot of learning going on as students needed to write and record at the same time. They also needed to figure out how to work together to create one Show Me. Below is a sample that I videotaped (sorry for the quality). I could not figure out how to embed the video directly from the app?? Can you?