Thursday, 13 June 2013

Haiku Deck and Butterflies

I had a small group of students play with this visually stunning app to create a little presentation on butterflies. Three students worked together and searched through the images on the app for their presentation. Haiku Deck is a great app for visual literacy. The app contains a bank of amazing photographs. It also has a great website resource for educators and anyone wanting to use the program. Once complete, presentations can be shared on the web for others to see.

Check our the presentation my students created! Les papillons par Ava, Rowan et Alyssa

My Story and the Life Cycle of the Butterfly

I have had an amazing student teacher these last few months so I have not been teaching as much. Therefore, I have not updated this blog for awhile.....

We have butterflies in our classroom (like to many of our primary friends) and we are observing the life cycle. Students wanted to make a book using My Story to show the life cycle. They all chose to draw the pictures themselves but they could have taken photos or used ones found on the web. Students worked together with a partner to illustrate, write and record the life cycle of the butterfly (in French). Below I have linked in a few examples (from their blogs). Once they were complete they posted them on their blog site on Kidblog. It was the first time students posted a link rather than a picture with their work. I also had students send them to their Evernote notebook so I could keep a copy in their eportfolio.

Le cycle de vie du papillon Par Ava et Alyssa

Le cycle de vie du papillon Par Faith, Stella et Lola

Le cycle de vie du papillon Par Jackson et Luca

Le cycle de vie du papillon Par Sarita et Braeden

These are two screenshots of the whole story but the writing is not visible under this setting in the app. Follow the links above to view their stories.