Thursday, 6 December 2012

Journal entry and Doodle Buddy

Today I decided that rather than do our journals with a paper and pencil, we would create a journal entry using Doodle Buddy. Students worked in groups of two (because I love the collaboration) to draw a picture using the Doodle Buddy app. As I walked around the classroom, the conversations were music to my ears. I listened as students negotiated different ideas and tried to figure out (problem solve) the different functions of the app.

At the end of the project, students had to take a 'screen shot' of their picture and sentences. Then they had to email it to their individual evernote-notebook (eportfolio). These tasks require a lot of different knowledge/skills and I am impressed that my grade ones are able to do all of these things on their own, but they CAN!! (Just as a side note-this project was about the content of their writing and connecting the picture to some vocabulary. Students are still at the emergent writing stage so they are writing words phonetically and therefore there are errors)