Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Puppet Pals and Oral Language practice

Today we decided to practice our oral French and record simple conversations. I created a conversation to show as a sample. It included things like; Hi, how are you? I am fine thanks and you? What is your favourite thing to play with etc etc... (in French). Then I let students be creative and choose their characters, setting, and props. This inspired them to have some very unique and creative conversations. I gave them about 20 minutes to create, record, and save their conversations. Then we all came back together and shared our recordings using Air Server. Each student took a turn to mirror their iPad. This app seems to have a glitch. The mirroring seems to turn off when you open a show, but when you start to play it the iPad will mirror once again. We got in the habit of playing each show twice. Once students viewed what their classmates had created they got even more ideas. They are pretty excited and want to try this again soon. I wish this app could export to Evernote. I don't want to use YouTube or Facebook to post our videos at this point in time....