Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Pic Collage

As a class we get together on a weekly basis with our 'big buddies' (grade 7 students). We work together on a variety of projects from things like reading together, to more complicated projects such as building towers out of recycled materials.

My students love to work with their big buddies. They look up to them and enjoy saying hi to them outside the classroom. I could go on and on about the positive aspects of this relationship and how it is building community within our school but I will move on to the project :)

Recently, we made a collage using the app Pic Collage. Students took photos, and drew pictures, and added text to create an 'all about us' collage. Below you can see a few samples with the faces blurred out.

I have also used this app to share with parents a snapshot of what we are doing at school. You know the saying "A picture is worth a thousand words", well it takes me about five minutes to take some photos of students at work and then create a Pic Collage that can be sent home to parents as your class newsletter. Below are two samples. One is from our 100 day celebrations and the other is a daily update as we build roller coasters.

I have also seen this app used to demonstrate a number of things. You could:
  • document patterns they seek in the classroom
  • show the same number represented a number of ways
  • show the steps they took to build something
  • take photos of things that start with the letter _ 
  • take photos of things that rhyme
  • there are endless possibilities.......


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