Thursday, 20 June 2013

Dropbox and Workflow

Yesterday my class took a field trip to a local park/beach for an end of the year celebration. Today, they wanted to blog about the trip. I started off by finding some online images of the park. I dragged and dropped them into my Dropbox folder. I guess I should back-up a little bit....We have 25 shared school iPads. We a school dropbox account that all the teachers have access to. I created a division folder for everyone in the school in addition to our non-enrolling teachers (LAC, ELL, Music, Library). In my class folder I created another folder for every student and then a few other folder for things like images. So to continue I searched for images online and then dragged and dropped them into my images folder in my dropbox class folder. Then working in partners, the students opened the image of their choice and saved it to the camera roll. Once in the camera roll they logged on to Kidblog and wrote a blog entry about our class trip and added the image from the camera roll.

School Dropbox account with all folders for different divisions and teachers

My class folder

My images folder

This is how you save to the camera for use in other applications such as Kidblog

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